Death Planning

The Nature of Planning for Death

Death planning is a process that goes straight to the heart of the matter, bringing an individual immediately and intimately into contact with the mystery and certainty of their own mortality. Deep consideration of this foundational element of humanity -  imminent death and awareness of it -  opens us up to a sort of magic, capable of stripping away all that is distracting, peripheral, and beyond our control while bringing to the center of consciousness all that remains raw, incomplete or out of alignment with our core values named and unnamed. These burdened parts of our souls and psyches long for acknowledgement, restorative action, completion. When we are willing to see these parts, willing to invite them to share their stories, willing to listen to them wholeheartedly and further still, willing to respond to them - herein lies the potential for cathartic transformation. 

This death planning process, designed by Tarron Estes of the Conscious Dying Institute, is a simple one yet far from easy. It is rooted in the question, "What would you do if you had three months to live?" and asks for deep reflection and conversation around five domains of life:

  • Physical Life - creating a comfortable, safe healing environment
  • Emotional Life - honoring feelings and relationships
  • Spiritual Life - honoring beliefs and practices
  • Mental Life - purpose, legacy and life review
  • Practical Life - after death attendance, practical arrangements and sacred ceremonies

The culmination of this work is a "best three months care plan", or "death plan", that lays out one's vision and current reality for each of the five domains, as well as action steps that will move an individual toward their vision.  

This offering might be for you if:

  • you feel called to start or continue a conversation with Death
  • you find yourself at a significant threshold, crossroads or point of no return
  • you're seeking ways to consciously live with more intention, purpose, and meaning

Because most action steps can be pursued immediately, and additional actions can be developed as time allows, death planning is an infinitely dynamic process that can be equally potent for those of old age or terminal illness and those in good health with an expected long life ahead. It can also be adapted to address metaphorical deaths of all kinds including: 

  • death of the single one (upon marriage), 
  • death of the maiden (upon giving birth), 
  • death of the married one (upon divorce or separation), 
  • death of a professional identity (upon retirement or job change), 
  • and countless others.

Movement Toward the Water

Take the next step and request a free consultation or more information. Together we can  discern how death planning might serve you at this time.

Ripple Effects

April, 32

"Working with Lisa has initiated huge changes in my days, because creating a death plan actually felt like committing to a more sincere, wholistic, purposeful path toward life. She helped me become clear on what is important for the time I have left in this world and since none of us ever know how long that will be, I realized that there was so much I had been waiting to do for some unforeseeable time in the future. Our sessions helped me to understand how much I had been holding back due to fear, insecurities and/or the assumption that there would always be more time. But the idea of "more time" quickly became an illusion during our work together, and the reality of life's preciousness stood in its place instead. Lisa is an extremely patient, compassionate and wise woman, whom I felt entirely comfortable opening up to and being guided by. I'm so grateful she is offering this deeply necessary, rich service to the world, and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone longing to live a more full and fulfilling life.  

Services & Pricing

All sessions can be conducted in-person or by video conference unless otherwise specified. In-person services are preferred but currently limited to the Denver Metro area.