Legacy Projects Archive

From Russia with Love


From Russia with Love is a compilation of letters, postcards, journal entries and other writings between two friends over two decades.

Singing to the Bones


Singing to the Bones is a collaborative effort between poet April Tierney and artist Lisa Cheney-Philp that magically materialized through a combination of death planning, gift giving, inspired action, and lots and lots of faith.

Milk Drop


Milk Drop is one of a series of cards and letters written from mother to daughter. This card combines words and imagery depicting the path toward, through, and beyond the threshold of weaning.

Tribe of the Sacred Wound


Tribe of the Sacred Wound is an art piece that honors the courageous explorations,  transformations, and re-configurations of a dedicated group of participants in a Sacred Wound Alchemy program, guided by Mary Marsden and Lauren Golten.

40 Weeks of Produce


40 Weeks of Produce tracks and celebrates one mother's pregnancy  through weekly drawings commemorating the stages of development (and decay) between conception and birth.

Messages from the Cup


Messages from the Cup is a multi-year and ongoing photo collection of messages written in chalk on the side of a coffee cup by two partners, their daughter, and from time to time, the cup itself.